Groupe GM Cosmética Portugal SA

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We are currently 28 skilled workers ready to develop new products and new projects.

We always comply with all standards, specifications, contractual requirements, and all necessary legal requirements (customer and company), continuously striving to improve process efficiency and product quality.

With more market experience and new

lines, in 2008 Eurosap, now Groupe GM Cosmética - Portugal S.A., starts producing for retail brands, diversifying the operational branch.

We currently export to countries like Spain, France, United States, Chile, Peru, Japan, México, Brasil and others.

2018 was a year of change, not only in facilities, but also in product diversification.

We invest in the production of solid cosmetics, such as shampoo, conditioning and hydrating bars.

We are what we produce and we take pride in what we produce and the results we deliver.

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